Instagram: new online-shopping platform?

Business account in Instagram opens to business owners more possibilities than for personal accounts holders. Here are plenty of possibilities to sponsor your post and ...
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Twitter for business: tips and tools to be used

Social Media for business nowadays is one of the most cost effective tool to promote services for wide audience. Twitter is one of those Social ...
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Uniqueness is the key to corporate PR

When PR strategy for your company is developing - it’s very important to have fundamental vision, which will be understandable by all members of staff ...
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Pinterest for business: myth or reality?

Talking about Social media we always think of Facebook or Twitter. But there are many other platforms from which you can benefit in your business ...
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Social Media Management solutions

Positioning within Social Media takes time and company resources. To get efficient management of the pages and different accounts for your business it makes sense ...
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Event-marketing: does it exist?

You have probably heard about event management while ordering services for your personal events such as birthday parties or weddings. But what if we told ...
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Why Social Media is #1 for your business?

Let’s be honest and accept that nowadays busy people mostly get their information from the internet, even if it’s a newspaper or a TV-Channel. People ...
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