Instagram: new online-shopping platform?

January 4, 2017 - admin

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Business account in Instagram opens to business owners more possibilities than for personal accounts holders.

Here are plenty of possibilities to sponsor your post and become known and shown to more widen audience, also you can follow ratings and clicks etc.

While more and more shops and brands are using this tool for online-shopping – Instagram decided to give more options for such businesses.

Now, when you click on post to see picture, instead of people tagged, you can also add goods’ tags. It allows to tag till 5 items at once.


Also if you want to go to details – it’s enough to click on item you like and it will re-direct you to closer picture with description of selected good.

What’s interesting – Instagram doesn’t plan taking any cut from payments, made within this service.

They count on business owners, who would like to be shown often in users feed and would use all business tools, proposed in Instagram to promote pictures.

This shopping innovation will appear to app users and won’t change experience at all.

Instagrammed photos, which include such goods to be sold, will include “Tap to view products” labels on the bottom corner of post.

After all, if user is satisfied with product – he could tap “Show Now” to be directed directly to payment and delivery questions.

The biggest advantage of this service is faster shopping process and making customers sure in shop itself.

As before a lot of shops were asking to write into direct or calling to customer department and ordering goods like that.

Now the process is simplified and trust is increasing. Also as often people could face fake accounts, who tried to fool customers.

Cost effective, more creative and faster tool for online shops is ready to be used.

Why won’t you try Instagram as shopping tool online number 1 for your company?

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