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November 18, 2016 - admin

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Positioning within Social Media takes time and company resources. To get efficient management of the pages and different accounts for your business it makes sense to gather everything under a roof.

This roof can be an outsourced company, SMM specialist or smart program which allows you to manage all pages in one place.

Here we would like to propose you some management tools you could use for promoting your business online.


Good for personal accounts as well as for business. It allows you to work professionally with visual channels for promoting information. Mostly, it’s useful for Instagram, YouTube and Flickr management.

This service allows you to collect all needed information and post it in one click to all indicated Social Media. You can sign in with as many accounts as you choose when registering for service usage.



Do you have problems with posting timed posts? Maybe you don’t always have Internet access when your Social Media needs to be updated?

Use your working time to plan everything and put in order your content calendar with EDGAR.

It allows you to work with all types of accounts, create topic folders, plan posts in advance and edit when needed.

You can even create your own online library with posts divided into topics. After scheduling of specific topics posts is possible, choosing formats and order allowed.



Getting used to taking work home?

If you always forget to bring hard disk with work done or download work, which was done at home – no worries.

YOUNITY service allows to manage your files through mobile. This app can give you access to PC in any place and time.

You just need to download this app to mobile and all folders from your laptop or PC will be available to manage, download and track.

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