Twitter for business: tips and tools to be used

December 29, 2016 - admin

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Social Media for business nowadays is one of the most cost effective tool to promote services for wide audience.

Twitter is one of those Social media, where you can allow a bit more to yourself when posting information about your company. To get success with followers in Twitter you have mix informative messages with informal ones.

Here are some tips on how to grow you followers and build successful campaign within Twitter.

  1. Use hashtags

Keywords in Twitter are marked with # (hashtag). This is the easies and fastest way to cooperate audience around your core activities. Using hashtags to mark your topics and services is the fastest way to let other users finding your page.

Twitter for business also allows to create your own hashtag which will appear to others in feed and while using similar tags. Recent studies show that tweets with # gets twice level of engagement than without them. However, be careful with overusing hashtags as marking more than 2 of them in one post sometimes also can decrease its visibility to others.

  1. Ask questions to engage

Often finishing your tweets with questions like “What do you think about it?” or “Could you share own experience in this question?” make people feel tempted to actually answer on your post.

Sometimes would be also efficient to start tweets with interesting questions, which would touch your target audience and make them follow you seeing common interests. Using personal attitude in such questions make users feel engaged without actually doing something.

  1. Don’t be selfish in tweets

Giving information about your company and services it offers is good way to find new clients within Twitter. But don’t round just with it. Sometimes putting some humor, quotes or giphy is the best way to actually engage with people. Actually, 80% of those who saw your tweet keep in mind and remember better something what made them laugh and let positive memory. That’s why sometimes using funny pictures and messages could be the key to the customer heart.

With using humor you have to be careful and not touch some delicate topics as religion, sexual or national identity. It can play bad joke on your reputation and make people bad impression on you. However, some brands use such topics to get reaction, even bad excusing it with huge increase on the followers and being on top of discussions. It calls “black PR”. Here is up to you either your goal is getting followers and become known with any price you could pay, or build positive vision and avoid such situations.

Making humor of yourself often plays general role in attending people to your brand, as it makes feeling you are human and close to people. Don’ be afraid of being funny sometimes.

  1. Control images quality

Nothing worst could be as pixeled picture attached to your post. This could make doubts about your professionalism and actually serious attitude to business at all.

Just keep in mind that for Tweets the best size of images is 1 024 x 512 pix, for summary cards it’s 120 x 120 pix and for  summary cards with large images – 120 x 150 pix.

  1. Shorten links in your tweets

As everyone knows Twitter allows 140 characters to be input to your tweet. Using links in posts let you promote your website and people read more than you could indicate in tweet itself.

Still sometimes it’s not enough space to link your page. That’s why you can easily turn to shorten your link. Yes, it won’t show actual address of website, but still would forward person to it.

Still we recommend keeping tweets between 70-100 characters each. As marketing is about simplifying – your core message has to be understandable. Buffer researches show as well – such tweets get most re-tweets and engagement.


And last, but not least – make sure your bio has correct information, which attracts people. Here important to complete all proposed fields, put good profile picture, meaningful description about you as company or personality, which would appear to everyone. Here is important to put keywords about you and activities or services you propose.

Don’t forget – Twitter is probably one of the most changeable and developed Social Media. Business Twitter changes everyday with proposals of new and new tools to promote your business. Use them and you would for sure get high level of engagement. Still, never forget about promoting your Twitter account within other Social Media tools your company manages.

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