Uniqueness is the key to corporate PR

December 22, 2016 - admin

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When PR strategy for your company is developing – it’s very important to have fundamental vision, which will be understandable by all members of staff and shared with potential clients.

Positioning on global market plays big role as number of fast growing companies and startups is increasing. The first step is to make research on your activities and mark “who are you?” and “why you should be chosen by client?”.

These 2 questions have to be strictly separated and have own answers. If with first one it’s easier as it depends mostly on your business and its activities, with second one some issues could appear.

Second question is exactly what potential clients would ask if they are looking for services your company offers.


Very simple – because of big amount of competitors in this area, who are also experienced, offer high-qualified service with cost effective system.

So, you could understand, that such factors as price, quality or creativity with its experience can’t be the vision and answer on question “Why you?”

In this case, you would need to go deeper in research and find out from position of client the key to success, which we call “Uniqueness”.

What could be your personal key is:

  • being first,
  • leadership in the market area,
  • your heritage,
  • market speciality.

From all mentioned above, often some processes don’t rely on you. But the thing, which you could for sure position from the side, which would bring you profit is market speciality.

Indicate it, and play your strategy on this knowledge.

There are a lot of companies, who provide translations, for example. But you could be the only one, who provide technical translation from English into Spanish, French or any other language.

There are many companies, who develop websites as well, but you could be the only one, who develop mobile app in addition to it.

This means, you have to make your proposal as personal as it’s possible. Rarely big companies’ representatives would search for PPC or SEO, but for sure they would search for “something” to optimize their web-pages.

Talk to your client in his language, be simple and position your proposal as detailed as you can.

This is the main spot, which you have to mark. All the processes after would start exactly on this spot, so it’s really worth to think of that now if you still didn’t do that.


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